The playground is a fun-filled place within the premises with exciting toys to thrill the kids.

You can’t separate kids from toys that is why we provide safe and educative toys for our kids to play with. There’s fun in learning.

Each classroom is fully equipped with LCD Screens to aid effective and fun learning. Our kids are taught with ICT.

COMPUTER ROOM: Kidddzzpenn has a fully set up computer room equipped with flat screen monitors for ICT Learning.

SCHOOL BUS: The school provides transportation operated by matured and experienced drivers to take pupils to and from school daily at very reasonable cost.

LIBRARY / STUDY: Our school has a well stocked library with all kinds of books and educational materials that cut across all ages.We encourage our kids to visit the library at least once a week, pick a book and read in our very condusive and well ventilated study room. This promotes a reading culture in our pupils.

MUSIC ROOM: Our school has a well equipped music room with all the necessary instruments and an instructor to teach the children the mastery of these instruments. Having learnt to play, the kids lead and play on the assembly ground.

PRACTICAL LAB: The school has a well equppied practical laboratory, where the kids are taught to display their creative and culinary skills.


Parents are strictly advised not to bring any child who is ill to school until the child's health is fully restored. Such a child should be taken to the hospital for necessary medical attention.
The school has a fully equipped First Aid Box which can suffice for mild ailments like cough, cold, mild fever and light bruises. Where a child has any of such ailments and is already under clinical medication from home, parents should give written instructions on how the prescribed medication should be administered to the child in school.
However, as earlier noted, we generally do not encourage parents to bring kids who are ill to school.
Where it becomes imperative, the school is at liberty and has the discretion to take any child who suddenly falls ill during school hours to the nearest clinic or hospital for immediate medical care. Concerned parents will be responsible for payment of the medical bill.