Kiddzzpenn has a very exciting line up of activities. They include:

PARENTS TEACHERS FORUM (PTF): This comes up once a term. Parents come around to discuss their children and wards' academic performance and other issues .
END OF THE YEAR PARTY: We have a party at the end of the year to celebrate Christmas. The kids render special Carol songs and catch so much fun with lots to eat and drink. Parents also don't miss out on the fun.

GRADUATION / PRIZE GIVING CEREMONY: This is a very big event in the school's academic calender. We send forth our Basic Five pupils into secondary schools, welcome our Nursery kids into the Basic Department and reward excellence in both academics and outstanding morals. Class presentations, various performances and other activities spice up the occasion and make it very colourful.

SCHOOL EXCURSION: We believe that education shouldn’t be confined to the four – walls of classrooms. We ensure our children visit exciting and memorable places where they can be more enlightened. We make learning so much fun @ Kiddzzpenn.
Excursions helps to broaden their horizon. They also have fun and bond with their peers and teachers during the process.

OPEN DAY: This comes up termly. Parents and guardians are invited to the school to observe and monitor the academic performance of their children.
It also affords parents the opportunity to interact with the teachers and other staff of the school. It’s a process of getting feedback from parents as regards their kids' performance.

CULTURAL DAY: As Nigerians, we know that in our diversity lies our strenght as a nation. Our Cultural Day is aimed at celebrating our multicultural flavour as a Nation. In this event, children wear clothes depicting the various tribes, ethnicities and languages existing in Nigeria.
The kids also bring varieties of local dishes / delicacies and share same with their mates. Cultural and tribal dance steps are also performed by both the pupils and their teachers. It is always a very colourful event.

VALENTINE'S DAY CELEBRATION: We use the opportunity of the valentine's day celebration to demonstrate to our pupils the concept of "love your neighbour as yourself". Children are expected to dress with a touch of red and exchange gifts. We usually celebrate this day with the cutting of a specially made valentine's day cake.

INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION: Patriotism is one of our core values. This event reminds us of our duty as citizens of Nigeria. On this day, the children learn about the struggle for independence and the significance of being an independent Nation. The celebration is often wrapped up with the cutting of a symbolic independence cake coated in our national colours.

Other activities / clubs include :Music / Ballet club, Swimming club, Quiz Competitions, Scout Club, Spelling Bee and lots of other very exciting extra curricular activities.


Parents are encouraged to celebrate their kid’s birthdays. We at Kiddzzpenn also celebrate them on such occasions in our own special way.




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